Do Better Teshie Youth!!!

March 4, 2020

I see these kind of posts and it reminds me of how far we are behind as a nation.
Some adults decided to meet and have fun and other adults are against it. 
What do they even mean by ‘Bad luck’? What is bad luck than hating your neighbor because of his or her sexual preference? 
Most men jump to fight gays and lesbians but get home and beg their wives for Anal sex! Let’s ask wives if this isn’t a fact. 
Instead of educating yourselves and learning how to spell ‘Lesbians’ you are there hating because they are reaching the orgasm you can’t give them.
I’ve never seen any group of homosexuals fighting straight people for their sexual orientation.It’s always the way round. They have their rights to have parties. Whatever they want to do with their vagina and anus shouldn’t be part of your business.
We applaud and accept internet fraudsters and even call them chairmen but hate gays. I just don’t get it!
Channel this energy to the government to build the road at LEKMA and also stop defecating at the beaches.
Ghana Police should even arrest this Teshie Youth for issuing threats to other people. It is against the law of the land. 

Let Love Lead
My name is Amakye and I support LGBT 🏳🌈 

One Comment

  1. What Happened to the Love your neighbor as yourself in the Bible. My name is Moses and I support LGBT.


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