LGBT+ Rights Ghana was formed on July 13, 2018 initially as a Cyber Activism Blog – a platform that uses social media to create awareness on LGBT issues in Ghana and the world. Currently maximizing on capacity to initiate a movement in the interest of LGBT persons living in Ghana, the initial plan was to empower the LGBT community in Ghana to cause the change that we deserve. This was done through the creation of a Facebook group and page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel. Eventually, a Whats App group was created, which saw the need to come together in unified fashion to make a social and political statement. At the moment, a few capacity building initiatives are ongoing under LGBT+Rights Ghana.


To create a safe space for LGBT+ persons in Ghana

To ensure equal rights for all LGBT + persons

To ensure that all LGBT+ person’s rights are respected and protected

To develop activities that will empower the LGBT+ community

To create a strong alliance with pro LGBT+ individuals, activists, organizations, institutions and movements

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