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Community Support Fund

LGBT+ Rights Ghana COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND is an initiative designed to support and empower members of our beloved
LGBTIQ community who are financially constrained in Ghana. The initiative is a long term support
system intended to address the struggles of a fast growing LGBTIQ community in Ghana and measures
that have been enacted to ultimately support a wider community through business initiatives and other
capacity building auxiliaries.
We, therefore, appeal to consenting organizations, enterprises and individuals with substance to help
support the initiative. In these times of COVIID-19, life, as we know it, has taken a sudden and rather
unpleasant turn for most people, predominantly marginalised LGBTIQ individuals who face eminent
danger and menial abuses.
The community has been most fiercely compassionate and generous for the longest, and in much
gratitude we hope for the same continuous support in generating this support fund. Our commitment
and dedication to serve the LGBTIQ community through advocacy and activism can only be functional
on the backdrop of support. We hope for unism in working together and being proud of the footprints
we leave behind in creating a much better world for marginalised community members living in Ghana.
We are most grateful in advance for all incoming contributions.
Thank you.

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and
help. This week reach to someone that might need a lift” ~Pablo

Queer Hub (Q Hub)

#WeDreamAQueerHub help us create the first LGBT+ center in Ghana In the midst of the LGBT challenges, we have set the goal of creating the first LGBT+ Center (Q Hub) in Ghana. As a collective and autonomous project, the plan is to foster a much more radical approach joining effort and ideas towards greater impact and dignity for our community. We aim at raising enough funds to secure a well-equipped housing unit which will support the activities and operations of the movement.

The center will serve as:

  1. Office: The Hub will serve as the official office space for LGBT+ Rights Ghana movement, where all permanent and temporal day to day activities of the movement will be run.
  2. Inclusion Space: The center will serve as an inclusive space where LGBT+ community can learn, engage and empower each other.
  3. Activism: The Hub will be the heart of the egalitarian cause in Ghana. Advocacy and leadership actions will be promoted as well as political, legislative and social project to strengthen the fight for the queer community.
  4. Temporary Shelter: The Hub will serve as temporary shelter for victims of abuse and those in immediate threat of their known or perceived LGBTQ.
  5. Health Promotion: The Hub will also serve as a place where community members can access health support and other health related information.
  6. Documentation Center: Programs and investigation projects will be developed with a focus on gender, equity, sexuality and history of LGBT+ Ghanaian and reproductive rights.
  7. Library: The Hub will hold the first LGBT+ library of Ghana.

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