Alex Kofi Donkor

I stand for human empowerment. I desire to see human lives improve. I have keen interest in learning about people in hopes of understanding how to help. As a queer person, I have first hand knowledge on feeling conflicted internally and being misunderstood externally. I grew up into my actual self the hard way and today, in my adult life, I have a rather enhanced appreciation for humanity.

I’m convinced that any society which refuses to acknowledge truth in it’s complete 360 essence, can never truly develop. On the backdrop of sexual orientation, I speak through and against all forms of social, political and religious discrimination simply because it is the right thing for humanity.

This firm believe in the value for human life is the foundation on which my advocacy stands. I am part of a team working feverishly to create a safe and inclusive space for LGBT+ person in Ghana. | Model | Actor | Human Rights Activist | Director – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Fischere Richard Kwofie

Helping LGBT individuals to find their voice and self assurance in their fields of endeavor is my primal driven focus now and teaming up with LGBT+Rights Ghana has been instrumental in realizing that. I’m excited to be a part of something bigger than myself – thus, helping to create a safe and inclusive space for LGBT persons living in Ghana. I couldn’t think of anything more profound to give my time and energy to. | Events Organizer | Fashion Media Presenter & Stylist | Runway Choreographer | Deputy Director – LGBT+Rights Ghana.

David Larbi

Human rights are too basic to humanity, and for us to not prioritize it and still allow all forms of abuse against humanity to thrive is rather sad on our side. The essence of life is life itself and all the basics that go with it. Laws are made by people for people and should not be biased in anyway that leads to discrimination (especially discrimination on the bases of a person’s gender or sexual orientation. I’m part of this team because I believe in human rights and the right to life. | Banquette | Network Technician | General Secretary – LGBT+Rights Ghana.

Suhaidatu Dramani

Being a staunch advocate for human rights and queer liberation, I understand the need to not only decriminalize homosexuality in Ghana but also generate interactive and functional programs to empower LGBT persons. Joining this movement to help change the narrative of the African queer lifestyles is a definite progress in my advocate. | Media Presenter & Marketer | Programs Director – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Abdul-Wadud Mohammed

I’m coming on board this movement with my expertise and energy to help spark a major change. Being a rather vocal person in activism, I hope to help turn the tides rigged against LGBT persons because a safe space is very necessary and human rights laws cannot be cherry-picked. | Communications Professional | Blogger | Communications Director – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Halil Mohammed

It’s been a long time passion to be part of something big enough to spark change. As a queer person, I have first hand knowledge on varying challenges confronting my community. I refuse to simply throw my hands in air because the solution is seemingly difficult. I choose to do something about it, so I’m on board with this team to make the impossible possible. | Fashion Designer | Event Planner | Entrepreneur | Executive Member for Gay Community – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Laila Yahaya

The rights of women in general has hanged on a loose rope for the longest, and matters of sex is still very much rigged against women. And while the conversation becomes uncomfortable around sexual orientation for a hetero-normative society, the basic human rights of lesbian women are almost not recognized. Joining this team to change that narrative couldn’t have been more instrumental. | OneLove Muslim Ghana – Executive Director | Executive Member for Lesbian Community – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Jalude Rashid

Across the globe, the LGBT community continue to face endemic violence, legal discrimination and other human rights violations on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This movement is necessary to spark change in a hetero-normative society that is hostile to LGBT persons. I’m on board to help realize that. | Super Model | Head of Welfare – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Kaye Essien Kwabena

Globally, around 76 countries currently criminalize same sex relations and five countries impose the death penalty on people caught engaging in same sex activities. In most regions of the world, transgender individuals face significant human right violations. Culture and religion are often used to defend anti LGBT sentiments and the guise of “protecting minors” as proxy to further advance an anti LGBT agenda.
We have seen the emergence of an incredible and vibrant global LGBT movement; however young LGBT people are often excluded from decision making processes that defines their socio cultural and political environment which put them at increased risk of becoming marginalized. I stand for inclusiveness and the fact that the basic human right of individuals enshrined in the constitution needs to be protected and respected in respective of their sexual orientation and gender identity. | Business Administration | Human Resource Management | Financial Director-LGBT+ Rights Ghana

Benedicta Awuah 

When all Humans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all freer. Every LGBT person who has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up is a survivor and survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life and believe all humans are entitled to rights and freedoms. | Freelance Graphic Designer | Executive Member for Transgender Men Community – LGBT+Rights Ghana.

I am an LGBTQ activist and a humanist. I decided to join the movement because I believe in a peaceful Co-existence and a safe space for all sexualities in our communities and the world at large | Executive member for Bisexual Men – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Betty Dankwa 

I believe lgbt+ persons are equally humans too and the fundamental human rights of every human should be applicable to them also. Looking forward to work with team members to eradicate discrimination and stigmatization especially (in the health sector.) | Entrepreneur – Beautician | Executive member for Bisexual Women – LGBT+Rights Ghana

Angel Maxine

I joined this movement because I want to stand in for all trans women in Ghana and be an advocate for them | Executive Member for Transgender Women Community – LGBT+Rights Ghana.

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